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STARTER PACK includes (3) PerformAIR unit - (1) of EACH size: Large, Medium & Small

This allows 1st time users to test various sizes to match the best fit and adjustments to your unique nose. This will optimize breathing performance and comfort.

Includes Storage / Travel Case
+ $5.95 S&H

ONE TIME OFFER: Purchase a second starter pack for a friend or loved one and we'll ship it for free!

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"These really work well. I'm finally getting a restful 6+ hours of sleep without taking OTC meds and using nose drops. Showed them to my primary care physician the other day; she was impressed to learn about nasal dilators. I've worn one during the day, too, and no one has noticed the little clear bridge. I'm a fan/user and happy to let others know about this, especially since I'm now living in a place known for serious hayfever-type allergy seasons."
 Cara J.
"I slept so much better and felt rested for the first time in months. Shipping was fast too. Try it."
 Cindy T.
"I am amazed at how much more airflow I get when using this product. I've tried the mouth guards and strips but they don't even come close to the level of relief I'm getting with PerformAIR. A+"
 Bill K.
"This works. Used it during my workout on the treadmill and rowing machine. Huge difference."
 Shannon F.
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